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White Discharge Causes, Symptoms, Types and Reason and Solution

Posted By Dr. Deepti Asthana on 18-05-2021

Usually all women experience white discharge or vaginal discharge. White water is very common in women. But many times when we should pay most attention to it, then we are not able to give it. This is due to lack of information. Now you must have the right information about something that you experience almost daily. Lady doctor in Gurgaon gives you complete information about white discharge or white discharge here.

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What Is White Water Discharge?

White discharge, also known as white water or leucorrhoea, is a natural physiological process that results in vaginal discharge. It is usually thin and slightly sticky. Often women become irritable and stressed before the period or when the period is irregular. Apart from this, they start living under stress regarding sex life. At the same time, their hormones also become imbalanced. As a result, women start having white discharge. It is usually transparent like water. However, sometimes it also becomes thick, peculiarly colored and odorless, known as leucorrhea. A large amount of white smelly water comes out of the vagina of a woman suffering from this disease, which is called vaginal discharge.

good gynaecologist in gurgaon

What are the types of vaginal discharge?

As we mentioned earlier, safed pani aana also becomes light, thick, transparent, odorous, odorless and of a strange color. It does not mean much, it just means that there is some kind of infection in your body. Know how many types of vaginal discharge are there and what does it mean? Let's know-

1. White discharge

White colored discharge in women is normal. Usually, many women have white discharge before the period, but there is nothing to fear. However, if it produces a burning or itching and foul smelling secretion, then you should know that you have yeast infection. If this is the case then you should definitely seek the help of a good gynecologist in Gurgaon.

2. Yellow Vaginal Discharge

It happens to many women that they have yellow discharge instead of white. This is not normal at all. Yellow discharge is a symptom of any bacterial infection. There are many people who have multiple sexual partners. They may also have this problem because yellow discharge also indicates diseases caused by sex. So if you are also getting two-four of such problems then talk to your lady doctor in Gurgaon immediately and make them aware of your problem.

lady doctor in gurgaon

3. Brown vaginal discharge

Many people have brown vaginal discharge instead of white before the period comes and after the period is over. It usually occurs with people who have irregular period problems. Menopause also causes brown discharge for middle-aged women. However, if the problem of brown discharge is getting more, then it can also be a sign of danger. In this case, the advice of a good gynecologist in Gurgaon should be taken immediately.

4. Green vaginal discharge

It is not normal to have green discharge but many women have to go through this problem. In case of excessive green discharge, the vagina of women may have problems such as bacterial infection and sexual infection. Trichomoniasis is a type of infection that arises from the intercourse and if you have this problem, seek proper advice from a good gynecologist in Gurgaon immediately.

good gynaecologist in gurgaon

Symptoms of white water or leucorrhea

White water problem is common in women. Although there is no need to be afraid of this, how will it be known that due to vaginal discharge you now need the advice of a lady doctor in Gurgaon. If you see some of the symptoms mentioned in your case, then do not delay in seeking medical advice immediately.

1. If there is frequent fever and the temperature rises significantly.

2. If there is occasional unbearable pain in the stomach.

3. Despite not working very hard, you get tired.

4. If you have to go to the toilet again and again.

5. White and thick vaginal discharge ie white discharge.

6. If you suddenly lose weight without any reason.

7. If there is pain during the intercourse between the two periods and there is bleeding from the vagina.

8. If the vagina is always wet and itching is felt.

9. Vaginal pain or burning during the intercourse.

10. Very bad smell from vagina.

White Discharge Reason and Solution

By the way, it is a natural process of white water coming from the vagina. But when this water starts getting thick and smelly, then it is not right to ignore the problem of white water. Because the private part does not have cleanliness and due to infection in sexual route, etc., white water comes from the vagina. There are many reasons why white water is a problem, which most people are not aware of. So let's know about them -

Bacterial infection is a major reason for this. There are many reasons for vaginal infection in women. Such as unprotected sex, use of public toilet for urine lack of hygiene, anal infection etc. all these reasons cause problems like vaginal discharge.

Gonorrhea disease is also a cause of white water problem. It is usually a disease caused by sex. Sometimes germs from your male partner can form in your body. People who make more unprotected sex are also more likely to have this problem.

Many women are forced to eat different antibiotics for different diseases. Excessive use of antibiotics can have many effects on hormones and can also cause vaginal discharge.

Many women take birth control pills daily to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. By eating this pill regularly, hormones become imbalanced and many physical problems also occur, such as fainting. This can also cause white water problems.

Many women use soap to clean their vagina. Actually, soap contains many chemicals, which are harmful for soft skin. The use of soap in vagina is also a reason for vaginal discharge. So avoid using soap and use skin care products.

Multiple sex partners are also the main reason for vaginal discharge.

Other reasons -

such as excessive dieting, obscene talk, bonding with the diseased man, not cleaning the vagina after the intercourse, not changing the underarmant dirty and everyday, not washing the vagina with water after urine or repeated miscarriage are also responsible for the white water problem.

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