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Gynaecological Cancer Screening in Gurgaon

The gynae cancer screening detection aims at detecting the disease among the population without the symptoms in order to reduce the damage caused by the disease. Kalosa gynae clinic provide best gynaecological cancer screening in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR that can help in choosing the best possible way of detection of pre invasive cancers at an early stage. We also provide the facility of well-established services to patients, who have been identified with these diseases along with giving reassurance to those found negative.

There are many different types of cancers prevalent in women. The cervical cancer which is mainly caused by Human Papillomavirus infection is one of the common cancers in Indian women and is stated as the second most common cancer in women worldwide. But in the world of medicines and science, there is always certain cure for a disease. The availability of vaccination for this disease is one of the most effective options. The cervical cancer vaccination in Gurgaon provides the right amount of cure to the patients with the two vaccines available in India – a quadrivalent vaccine and a bivalent vaccine, is a great relief to the stressful patients, who come to know about the prevailing disease.

The gynae cancer screening detection in Gurgaon basically works on three broad methods or a combination of methods to achieve a satisfactory result for detection of the disease.

Biochemical Methods: The experts and well trained doctors make use of tumor markers such as CA125, CA 19-9, Alpha fetoprotein, CEA, LDH, Human chorionic gonadotropin, urinary gonadotropin peptides etc. to detect the existence of any kind of cancer.

Physical-Radiological methods: With the best screening detection in our clinic, we make use of physical examination along with the ultrasound scan. It is helpful in detection of ovarian cancers and endometrial malignancies. The reason why we combine it with ultrasound scan is to assess the status of CA125 and menopausal which helps in calculating the risk of malignancy index for patients. The precision with which these tests are performed leaves the patient with no scope of doubt.

Biophysical methods: This method involves a conventional and liquid based cytology, which is known as one of the most successful PAP smear test in Gurgaon along with other vulva and vaginal smears, colposcopy, HPV DNA testing etc. The main idea behind such test is to detect the existence or symptoms of any cancer in patient.

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