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Gynae Cosmetic Surgeries in Gurgaon

Some women believe that sexual satisfaction depends on the anatomical appearance of the genital organs and, hence, have low self esteem after childbirth and with advancing age. You dream of having a 'designer vagina' and we get it done here. Dr. Deepti Asthana collobrates with her plastic surgeon husband Dr. Ashish Khare to provide you with the 'perfect vagina'. The various Gynae Cosmetic Surgeries are performed at Kalosa Gynae Clinic in Gurgaon. These are -

• Labial reduction


• Liposuction to mons pubis

• Fat injections to labia majora or mons

• Clitoral hoodectomy(exposing the clitoris)

• Hymenorrhaphy / hymenoplasty>

• Anterior or posterior perineorrhaphy

• The use of a surgical laser in ‘vaginal rejuvenation' eg for the removal of labial wrinkles

• Hair transplantation for hypotrichosis of the mons pubis.

Indian cultures ostracize premarital sexual activity and stress the importance of virginity on the wedding night. Restoration of the hymen or hymenorrhaphy is performed by approximating the free borders of the remnants, using fine, absorbable sutures to achieve partial occlusion of the introitus. If hymenal remnants are inadequate, a small flap of vaginal skin is reflected from the posterior vaginal wall and approximated to the anterior wall as a band across the hymenal ring.

G-Spot Amplification is a minimally invasive, non-surgical, treatment that can temporarily enhance the feeling in the G-Spot for up to 4 months. G-Spot Amplification or otherwise known as the G-Shot, creates more fullness, allowing women to have a more intense and deeper orgasm. Collagen is used which increases the size of the G-Spot to about the size of a quarter in width, and one fourth of an inch in height.

Loss of volume in the outer vaginal lips (labia majora) is a common issue in women as they age especially after childbirth, menopause, and extreme weight loss. There are several options for regaining the volume to the labia majora viz injection of fillers. They can give up to 9 to 24 months of correction.

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