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Posted By Dr. Deepti Asthana on 03-07-2020

Husband’s Role In Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a memorable event for each couple and is a beautiful journey of emotions for most of the women. Situation is more delicate for the first time pregnant females as every experience is new to them. Husbands are often the bread earners of the family and so find little difficult to spare time for their wives. Responsibility is usually transferred to the elderly of the family – whether mother or mother in laws. But modern day women often feels a vacuum and feels left out alone in this journey. Whether decision of choosing a new doctor or hospital for all pregnacy care; new likes and dislikes for food; new body transformations or any known pregnancy effects on your body; new emotional needs or mood swings – there are so many turns in this journey.

A female may fall prey to all this and have a breakdown if left all alone at this time. The support of her spouse is thus the most important solid pillar which holds a female strong. Of course physical helping eases her work but being together with her emotionally is equally important. Everyday spending quality time not only strengths the bond of the family but also father-to-be feels attached to the baby also. This can be in the form of having a walk or exercise together or eating together or even reading out together. Both should cherish each and every moment of pregnancy and enjoy this period together. This journey of pregnancy should be shared by both.

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