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What foods to avoid if you have ovarian cysts?

Posted By Dr. Deepti Asthana on 24-12-2021

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form on or inside the ovaries. Although the most majority are innocuous and dissolve on their own, a few might cause discomfort or excessive menstrual flow. Dietary changes, such as avoiding certain foods, are not regarded as a therapy for ovarian cysts, although certain eating patterns may impact their development. Furthermore, nutrition has a role in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a clinical condition marked by obesity, irregular periods, aberrant hormone levels, and the development of several tiny ovarian cysts.

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Ovarian Cyst Diet Management

The function of the ovaries and the hormones that govern the reproductive system are influenced by nutrition. As a result, nutrition is often promoted as a means of treating ovarian cysts. An online search will provide several testimonies and recommendations for home remedies, including plant based diets, raw diets, herbal therapies, and various supplements. There is, however, little evidence that these treatments are useful in the treatment of ovarian cysts. While further study may be needed to discover if nutrition plays a role, standard and evidence-based care options include watchful waiting, pharmaceutical therapy, or, in rare instances, surgery.

Risk Reduction

According to preliminary data, some dietary patterns increase the likelihood of developing ovarian cysts. According to a research published in the October 2003 edition of “Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology," eating red meat and cheese may raise the risk of a specific form of ovarian cyst, but eating green vegetables may have a preventive effect.

Foods to avoid if you have an ovarian cyst

1. Dark Meats

Avoid consuming red meats like hog, beef, and lamb. If you can't avoid them, try to minimise your intake. These foods may trigger the formation of ovarian cysts as well as worsen existing cysts! Dark meats are also heavy in fat, which is still another reason why they should be avoided.

2. Fried Foods

Consuming a lot of fried food, such as French fries, deep fried chicken, and so on, is one of the meals to avoid if you have ovarian cysts. This is due to the fact that consuming a lot of fried meals might result in quick excess weight gain. The refined vegetable oils used to cook these items are synthetic and contain hormone disrupting substances.

3. Saturated Fat-Rich Foods

When ingested in excess, saturated fat is a form of dietary fat that is detrimental. It has the potential to elevate cholesterol levels in the body. Saturated fat-rich foods include dairy products such as butter, cheese, and cream, as well as dark meats such as hog, beef, and lamb, packaged meals and confectioneries, junk food, and others.
Reduce your intake of saturated fat if you want to prevent and repair ovarian cysts.

4. Refined Sugar-Rich Foods

When it comes to ovarian cysts, refined sugar is one of the worst foods. Soft drinks, processed juices, cakes, pastries, cookies, and sweets are all rich in refined sugar. Refined sugar generates a massive hormonal imbalance, which leads to the creation of ovarian cysts or irritates existing ones.

5. Alcohol

When it comes to foods to avoid with ovarian cysts, intoxicants like alcohol are a no-no. They alter our body's hormonal equilibrium, resulting in the formation of ovarian cysts. When attempting to decrease ovarian cysts, you should abstain completely from alcohol.

6. Caffeine-Induced Beverages

Caffeine is a major contributor to dehydration and inflammation in the body. Please avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, sodas, soft drinks, and so on if you are prone to ovarian cysts. They are quite likely to produce new ovarian cysts while exacerbating existing ones.

7. Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbs are foods that contain simple carbohydrates. They have a high glycemic index, are rapidly digested, absorbed, and metabolised, causing a sudden increase in blood glucose and necessitating the production of large amounts of insulin. Simple carbohydrates such as wheat, refined flour, white bread, and short grain rice should be avoided if you have ovarian cysts.

8. Carbohydrates

Starchy foods, such as potatoes, maize, pasta, and bread, are another type of foods to avoid if you have ovarian cysts. You should avoid or limit your consumption of these foods since they produce insulin surges in a short period of time, fast weight gain, and the creation of ovarian cysts.


Consult your doctor if you suspect you have an ovarian cyst or if you are suffering stomach pain and discomfort. While eating a nutritious diet is always a good idea, there is no proof that it helps cure painful or big ovarian cysts and may not be a replacement for drugs or surgery. Inform your doctor if you are experiencing discomfort that is interfering with your typical activities. Seek emergency medical attention if you have any unexpected stomach discomfort, dizziness or fainting, or severe vaginal bleeding.
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