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Endometrial Thickness - What Is Its Normal Range In Pregnancy?

Posted By Dr. Deepti Asthana on 18-05-2021

There is a layer of mucus membrane in the uterine wall, all these layers are called endometrium. It consists of two layers - one of which is the functional layer which is hidden during the period and the second layer is its base which stays on the wall of the uterus forever. The thickness of the endometrium varies according to the period.

What should be the endometrial thickness for pregnancy?

The endometrial layer is thin. After the period when the upper layer falls completely, the thickness of the second layer of the uterus is about 1 mm. Stay here. As soon as the next ovulation starts, the cells also start creating new functional layers.

The best gynae in Gurgaon says the thickness of this layer varies from woman to woman, but to maintain a fertilized egg, the thickness of the endometrial is normally 8 to 15 mm. Should be up to dye to thinning of endometrium.

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The following are several reasons for endometrium thinning, let us know:

1. Reduced blood flow

If there is not enough blood supply in the uterus, then there may be complications in the thickening of the endometrium for conception. Bleeding can also be reduced by uterine twitching, urinary fibroid, or lifestyle.

2. Misalignment of endometrium

In general, it has been observed that if the thickness of the endometrium is less than 6 mm, the conception does not occur. However, its thickness is 8 mm. And the thickness of the endometrial layer is not increasing as much as it should be, so it can prevent pregnancy.

3. Having problems related to estrogen

Due to low levels of estrogen in the body, sometimes the growth of the cell is stopped, which also does not increase the thickness of the endometrium.

4. Decreased function of progesterone

When the progesterone does not function as it should, the thickness of the endometrial layer does not increase even in that case.

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5. Side Effects of Fertility Drugs

The endometrial layer may also thin due to the side-effects of some medicines that increase fertility and stimulate ovulation.

mood swings

6. Stressed Lifestyle

Less rest and less sleep can lead to stress problems, due to which the endometrial layer does not develop.

Some ways to increase endometrial thickness for pregnancy

Best gynae in Gurgaon suggest some ways with which you can increase the thickness of the endometrial layer for pregnancy, let's know.

1. Take a good diet

Taking a balanced and nutritious diet has an effect on estrogen levels, maintaining the balance of hormones and increasing blood flow. All of these reasons increase the thickness of the endometrial for pregnancy.

A healthy diet should be consumed throughout the day to maintain insulin and cortisol levels as well. Including fiber in the diet gives the body Q10 coenzyme. It is an effective antioxidant that reduces tissue-related problems and helps to increase the thickness of the endometrial.

Green vegetables, tomatoes, eggs, carrots and fish contain essential vitamins, such as vitamin 'C', vitamin 'B' and B-complex. These foods keep the blood flow healthy, so you can include it in your diet. Also, to stay healthy, stop consuming sour foods and caffeine.

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2. Get more and more rest

Hormones balance due to maximum rest and good sleep can also affect the thickness of the endometrium. If you sleep for 7-8 hours continuously on time, then there is a growth of tissue in your body and its function helps in recovery. Therefore, make a schedule of sleeping and waking up on a regular basis and eliminate the habit of staying awake for longer.

3. Exercise regularly

You can increase blood flow naturally by exercising daily. Increased blood supply to the uterus leads to increased endometrial cells as well as increased thickness.

You do not need to do very hard exercises. For this, you can also do light exercise for half an hour every day. You can also do different types of exercises daily to prevent the body from doing the same type of work. Exercise leads to good sleep and increases the endometrial layer.

4. Massage the femoral artery

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One way to increase blood flow to the pelvic region of the body and into the uterus is to stimulate the femoral artery. Apply a slight pressure on the artery with your fingers for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise twice daily for three times on both of your legs. This exercise should be done until ovulation occurs after periods so that it can help the endometrium to grow. Do not massage the artery if you see symptoms of IVF or high blood pressure.

How to massage the femoral artery?

  • --> First find the crease between the abdomen and the upper part of the thighs.
  • --> Now find the pulse through that crease. Now press the pulse with light hands until it stops.
  • --> Keep it like this for about 30 seconds and then release the pressure after the time is over.
  • --> Repeat this process for the other leg as well. Then gently massage the abdomen to carry the blood flow to the ovary and uterus.
  • --> Do not do this exercise at all if you are pregnant or are about to start your periods.

5. Acupuncture

With the help of acupuncture, there is a supply of blood in the body which can increase fertility. This mythological practice helps in the comfort and delivery of a pregnant woman. According to the ladies doctor in Gurgaon, increased blood flow around the kidneys creates the endometrial blood vessels of the uterus, resulting in the completion of the IVF process.

6. Use Castor Oil

Ricinoleic acid is a chemical that helps in increasing blood flow, quicker healing and tissue formation. It also has little effect on the ovary and uterus. This acid is found in castor oil and it can be beneficial to use.

You can use castor oil to increase the blood flow in the body and the thickness of the endometrial layer in the following ways:

  • --> Take cotton or handkerchief in an empty bowl.
  • --> Now pour castor oil in this bowl as much as the handkerchief is completely covered. Now keep stirring the handkerchiefs in the bowl so that it absorbs the whole castor oil.
  • --> Allow the soaked handkerchief to remain in the bowl for about 30 minutes.
  • --> When that handkerchief absorbs castor oil completely, then you lie down on your back and place the handkerchief on your stomach. Keep the handkerchief in such a way that the area from your navel to the bones of the hips is completely covered.
  • --> Once you have the handkerchief, you put a plastic cover on top of it and wrap it. Then you take a hot water bottle and place it on a plastic wrap above your stomach. Now you stay in this position for about 30-40 minutes. Do this process continuously but if you have periods, do not do it.

If you want to increase endometrial thickness contact a ladies doctor in Gurgaon.

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