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Infertility Treatment in Gurgaon

One of the most beautiful stages of life is the parenthood. Thus, we understand your eagerness to become one. However, at times, there may be situations where you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving. The problem of infertility might be the reason behind it which can be handled with tests and treatments. This can be accomplished easily if one has knowledge about it which we at the best infertility clinic in Gurgaon, provide.

Although the infertility treatments tend to be stressful at psychological, emotional, social and financial level, yet the care by the best team and counsellors of Kalosa Gynae Clinic lightens the anxiety to a large extent. The holistic approach offered here makes the journey towards parenthood a much simple and hassle-free task, making this place as one the most recommended centre for the Infertility Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

We make sure that the needs of the patients are catered to with the highest standards at every stage of this treatment. The comprehensive medical care service offered by the best infertility doctor in Gurgaon reduces the stress in patient.

Both the partners are made to undergo detailed evaluation before proceeding with any treatment. This is done to know the cause of infertility. The common causes of infertility usually are:

  • Advancing maternal age:

    The problem can arise if the woman tends to delay the child birth until their thirties and forties. This often leads to the adverse effect on the advanced maternal age on egg function

  • Ovulation disorders:

    The most essential feature for the women to conceive naturally is the Normal and regular ovulation, or release of a mature egg, but at times certain disorders can hamper the ability for a woman to ovulate normally

  • Endometrial polyps:

    The pregnancy rate can be doubled if the removal of endometrial polyps (finger-like growth in the uterine cavity) takes place. These polyps should be removed as they can significantly decrease fertility

  • Male factors affecting sperm function:

    Not only the female factors, but also some male factor causes contributory infertility. This is generally the sole reason of infertility in 15-20% cases.

At times, the reasons of infertility are not known. But there are various fertility treatments here, under the care of the best infertility specialist in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. They help in prevention of many hurdles that a couple, the mother or the baby might come across. Keeping in mind the causes of infertility, the best treatment is provided here. Not only does this lead to successful delivery but also happy parenthood.

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